Dulamia Cotton Spinning Mills Limited (DMCSML):

Dulamia Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. is one of the pioneer Spinning Mills in the Private Sector of the country. The Company was incorporated on 28th February, 1987. The name of the Company "DULAMIA" has been chosen to give honor to the late grand-father of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo, CEO of the Multimode Group.

Dulamia is operating with approximately 27,000 spindles with a production capacity of about 75,00,000 pounds (lbs) of 100% cotton yarn per annum. Although DMCSML produces solely for the domestic markets,

its raw material comes from Sudan, Tanzania, USA, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India and Pakistan. DMCSML can also boast to be pioneers in employing women. Out of about 900 workers, staff and officers, 682 are women. Women have been working in Dulamia since its inception and became majority of the working staff by 1995. Yet another unique feature of Dulamia is that it began supplying dress and lunch to its workers and staff since inception, an unprecedented act in any industry in Bangladesh at that time.

DMCSML is located in Dagonbhuiyan, Feni, the home town of Abdul Awal Mintoo. The idea behind setting up a factory there was to improve the socio-economic conditions of the population of Dagonbhuiyan and Feni as a whole. At the time the factory began operations, that area of Bangladesh was neither an industrial belt, nor a commercial one. In fact and barely anyone even built industries outside greater Dhaka and greater Chittagong. Today Dagonbhuiyan is the commercial hub of Feni with its land prices being amongst the most expensive in Bangladesh.